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Guestay FAQ's : how do you maximise income?

Updated: May 3, 2019

There are two ways we can maximise income for you.

The first is a guaranteed rent when you lease your property to us on a long term basis to join our portfolio of 5 star serviced accommodation branded under Guestay Serviced Accommodation.

Your property is very well looked after and returned to you in the same, if not better condition as the day it was leased.

For the whole term of the lease you will have a the same income every month, there will be no void periods, you will not be liable for any cosmetic repairs or maintenance on the property.

Its a great way to ensure a passive steady income every month for a long period without having to worry about any uncertainty.

The second way we can maximise your income from your property is to ensure we are marketing your property on multiple online travel agent websites, where we continually optimise pricing to be as competitive as possible. The seasons fluctuate and so prices will go up and down during these seasons, but we know the local area around your property and price according to events and target specific traveller groups. Our business success depends on your properties success so we have to know our market very well.

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